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Magnet Theater
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The Magnet Genius Machine

The Magnet Genius Machine trains professionals to apply improvisational techniques and tools to create innovators who are fast on their feet, adaptable, collaborators and expert communicators. We also help corporations generate innovative ideas and solutions, and present them with precision and power.

We do this through 'Applied Improvisation', an extremely effective experiential learning methodology which uses communication, team-building and creativity games from improvisation, and applies them to non-theatrical settings.

Our customized workshops and training sessions are usually designed around a core client need and work outward from there. Workshops are always fun and laughter-filled, and clients emerge with a sharpened sense of humor and a nice buzzing feeling in their body caused by the having of fun and the profound realization that they too can be good Improvisors.

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The Magnet Genius Machine Team

Our facilitators are some of the best you’ll find. They bring a wealth of experience to the classroom – from the universe of improvisation and beyond - finance, advertising and branding, illustration, and education. They are experts at making Improv both fun and relevant to your organization, and are masters at cultivating a sense of play among participants and establishing a safe atmosphere that encourages risk-taking. Our facilitators have eagerly leapt into challenging training environments, from human performers at Sea World to Corporate Crisis Managers in Beijing. Clients have included large and small companies around the globe, including General Electric, Google, Capital H Group, Nasdaq, Estee Lauder, Columbia Business School, New York University Film School, Ford, Edelman, Katzenbach Partners, Math For America, and PepsiCo.

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Where We Work

We have two locations. Our storefront theater in Manhattan is on 29th Street, and our Training Center on 30th Street holds classes, workshops, seminars, and corporate events. Both locations are unique and available as a training venue, and we are more than happy to travel to you.