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Magnet Theater


The Magnet wishes to thank several people for their hard work in creating this site.

First, Sean Taylor - a Magnet performer, leader of the Digital Media Engine, and frequent instructor at the Saturday Drop-In. His coding skills with MySQL, PHP, and HTML and dedication to this project allowed Magnet to integrate its back-end database with the front end user-facing site. He's thoughtful and smart and overly-qualified. Please buy him a beer.

Magnet also wishes to thank Chris Camp and Justin Moran. Chris, and his nasty CSS skills made a lot happen, not the least of which is the blog. He's incredibly good at what he does, and he's also a handsomely built, mighty fine improviser who has performed at Magnet for years and populated our Tumblr and Facebook. He knows what he's doing, and also deserves a beer from you. Justin is a creative mind that knows no bounds. His improv skills, musical comedy writing and directing (and producing) and all around great attitude would have been enough, but he's also a database virtuoso.

Several Magnet people guided this project toward a great result, either with input on the design or the code. They are Peter McNerney, Rick Andrews, Shaun Farruguia, and Dan Benjamin. Thank you.

The site was designed by Graham Slick, a New York City based fine artist. His site is