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#105: Sam Rogal

  Boy made of metal and Friday Night favorite, SAM ROGAL, stops in to discuss performing arts camp, team chemistry, and his lifelong comedy partner, Pat May. Sam was hooked on comedy at a...more »

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ANNOUNCING: 10-Minute Play Festival!

ANNOUNCING: The Magnet Theater's Very Own 10-Minute Play Festival Calling all playwrights and actors and anyone who has ever wanted to try playwriting and acting! Magnet Theater is pr...more »

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#104: Matt Alspaugh

  Writer, actor, and director, MATT ALSPAUGH, swings by to talk with host Louis Kornfeld about teaching, how he got into the performing arts, and some tasty bits of NYC history. How did t...more »

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Apply for Magnet Video Lab Season 5!!

Magnet Video Lab is now accepting applications for season 5. We are a comedy video-making collective powered by the Magnet community. Be sure you thoroughly read the description below befo...more »

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#103: Derrence Washington

  The sexiest baby on earth, DERRENCE WASHINGTON, swings by to talk with host Louis Kornfeld about spirituality, working with our egos, and making cultural adjustments while improvising. ...more »

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Sat, Dec 10th


The Rundown
Go Kart Funeral / The Masks / Unicorn Women / Beta City
6:00pm - ($5)

Saturday at 6pm - The PERFECT time to get your jaded mind blown by four excellent improv ensembles. Will the local neighborhood kids be driven wild by their new forms and structures? Yes. Will you? Th more»

The Armando Diaz Experience
Featured Monologist: Selena Coppock
7:30pm - ($10)

The legendary show is reborn!

Created in 1995 at the iO Theater in Chicago, The Armando Diaz Experience IS the longest running improv show EVER. A guest monologist takes a suggestion from the more»

Trike 9:00pm - ($10)

"Reliably one of the best improv performances in the city."
- New York Times

"Nick Kanellis & Peter McNerney's fantastic late night show is upbeat and impressively layered improv that is alw more»

The Cast
The Great British Bake Off Edition
10:30pm - ($10)

"One of the most exciting improv shows in New York City…. It's the perfect show for comedy and theater fans alike." — Elise Czajkowski, comedy journalist for the New York Times, on The Cast more»

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