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Hannah Chase

Instructor, Performer


Hannah Chase is an instructor, director, and performer at the Magnet Theater. Since she first discovered improv in 2002, she has been lucky enough to study and work with some truly fantastic teachers and performers that would take too long to list here. If you're really that curious, you can ask her in person!

Hannah performs weekly with her Megawatt team, The Music Industry, and she also created and directs The Cast, which plays on Saturday nights at the Magnet and which regularly makes her laugh so hard that she almost pees in her pants.*

Outside of performing and teaching improv, Hannah also likes alphabetizing lists, editing films, trying on other people's glasses, learning about the brain, and reading and writing medical memoir comics. She's still working on her website. It's been five years.

*Hannah was urged to omit the term 'pee[ing] in her pants' from her professional bio, but she maintains that it is an important detail.

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