Boris Khaykin

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Boris Khaykin is a comedian, improvisor, and musician. He performs improv, sketch, and stand up throughout NYC and has appeared in and written for videos featured on, gawker,, Comedy Central insider, the Apiary, Punchline Magazine, and more. His rapping alter-ego, ‘Hardcore Boris,’ has been seen on The Hipster Show (UCB) and Joke Life: A Comedy Rapsterpiece (UCB). Hardcore Boris has also won the Beatdown (UCB), a freestyle rap competition for comedians, and has been a frequent performer on the Chris Gethard Show (UCB) where Boris has also performed stand up and once made out with a live dog. Hardcore Boris is also making his Comedy Central debut performing in, and also writing the beat for, the music video “Headliner.” Show schedules, music, and more can be found at his website, You can also read his blog of poop and pee stories at