Kelly Warne

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Kelly first showed up at the Magnet in January of 2012 for the Winter Intensive. The plan was to bang out the two-week program so she could put "improv" on her acting resume and that would be it....oops.

As an actor she has appeared in plays all over NYC, short films, sketches, and webseries, including one of her own that she is currently writing and developing aptly titled 'Warne." She is also a stand-up comedian who has made appearances at the Comedy Cellar, The Village Underground, EastVille Comedy Club, Stand Up NY (with Carmen Lynch and Caroline Rhea), and Gotham Comedy Club (with Jim Gaffigan). She is so grateful to be a part of such a generous community of lovely, supportive funny people who never make mention of how much cat hair is on her. To her face.

Past Ensemble