Perri Gross

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Perri is a comedian by night and works in advertising by day. She was always a "theater kid" and started doing stand-up comedy at Ithaca College in 2011. She had been hesitant to take improv classes, but after seeing Megawatt in September she signed up for her first class. Perri has studied with Rick Andrews, Louis Kornfeld and Megan Gray at the Magnet Theater. Being a part of the Magnet community and doing improv has been the best decision Perri has made since moving to NYC. You can also find her at some open-mics and small stand-up shows in the East Village after she goes on a bad date. She is so excited to be a part of the new July Director Series "Story, Story" directed by Louis Kornfeld. Perri can't wait to share too much information about her personal life with a whole audience.

Past shows: "We Might Just Kiss: A Female Improv Event

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