Ron Palais

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Ron is a founding member of the indie improv teams DRIVETHRU BABY, which grew out of Alex Marinos Slacker class at the Magnet, and OLD ENOUGH, which was formed by a few of us more life experienced improvisers who initially met at UCB, and came together again while studying with Jean Villepique at the Magnet. He is also a proud member of the improv super group UNDER YOUR BED, who perform annually.

Ron has performed in plays all around the City, and is a member of Polaris North Theatre Cooperative. He has also appeared in several indie films, which can be found at a flea market near you or on his hard drive, and on television…dont blink. Ron is also a writer and is currently tackling a full length screenplay; however, Ron has hired someone else to write this bio.

Ron is a graduate of the MAGNET CONSERVATORY, and has also studied at UCBNY, IO CHICAGO, THE ANNOYANCE, and at SECOND CITY, where he immersed himself in a Clown and Physical Theatre intensive. Ron is now an intense clown. Ron completed the acting program at the Gushee Anania Acting Studio and has also studied at Sally Johnson Studio, both here in NYC. He holds an MBA from Tulane University and a BSM from York College of Pennsylvania…lot of good thats done him now. Ron resides in NYC, as long as the rents keep tumbling. Currently performs in the Circuit with TEAM TIGER.

Past Shows

Drivethru Baby