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Amanda Xeller


Amanda Ariel "Peggy" Xeller hails originally from Houston, Texas where she lived across the street from an alligator infested bayou and a short 10 minute bike ride away from the legendary space cows of NASA. She holds a BA in Theatre from Fairfield University and is an alumna of the National Theater Institute. Her senior year she received The Award for Outstanding Service to the Theater Arts Program for her achievements and pursuits in improv.

Amanda has studied improv at the Magnet, UCB, Fairfield U., and independently since 2007. She has been studying clown since 2011 and has been writing sketch since 2013. She assistant directed both Company 29 as well as the Lady Sketch Lab at the Magnet and currently performs tri-weekly with Magnet House Sketch Team Baby Shoes (Montreal Sketchfest, Big-Little Comedy Fest, BCAF, NYCSF, Philly Sketchfest). She also performs solo characters frequently around the city.

In 2012 she created and now continues to develop Improv Archive, an online improv database:

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