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Carly Monardo



Carly Monardo is an artist and performer living in Brooklyn. She started studying at the Magnet in 2011 after seeing her first Megawatt show (Brick and Featherweight!) and deciding to join the fun! She has learned from improv luminaries Rick Andrews, Russ Armstrong, Alan Fessenden, Elana Fishbein, Megan Gray, Louis Kornfeld, and Peter McNerney. Since then, Carly has been featured on the acclaimed podcast, “The Truth”, and has been lucky enough to share the stage with a lot of super-fun people, including husband Christopher Hastings and duo partner Joe Lepore! She is so excited to be a part of Megawatt, the very show that started her improv journey! She is a lucky kid, I tells ya.

Outside of the Magnet, Carly (along with folk band Ibex) runs a monthly variety show called “Now We Are Friends” at the Parkside Lounge. NWAF was created out of Carly’s love for indie acts (and pals!), and her goal each month is to provide a fun and friendly showcase for independent performers.

You can see Carly’s artwork around the Magnet lobby and online at !

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