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Catherine is a performer on the house sketch team Student Council. She performs characters, sketch, and stand-up all over New York City, and is gearing up for her first solo show, December 12, at the Magnet Theater. Catherine is an actor, director, and teaching artist with Story Pirates, a nationally respected children's theater and education company that takes stories written by kids and adapts them to the stage. It's seriously the best. Most recently, she got to be a performer and puppeteer in Bluelaces Theater Company's inaugural run of shows in New York City, creating multi-sensory theater for kids with developmental differences. Also the best. Her writing and face can both be found on, and she has appeared on episodes of "Billy On the Street" and "A Legitimate Television Show." Catherine's parents were very impressed with her work on "Billy On the Street" before realizing several months later that the actor they were referring to was not, in fact, Catherine.

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