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Charlie was born during the Blizzard of ’89 in the small town of Pomfret, Connecticut. He loves puzzles, Star Wars, tomatoes, and cats. He graduated from Vassar College. He is a proud member of the indie team GYRE, duos Freak Flag and Automaton, and performs alone under the pseudonym LAZARUS.

Charlie works at the Magnet Training Center. He loves talking to you about rentals, improv, and other topics like culture and Rupaul.

Charlie has studied comedy at the Magnet Theater and UCB, but he really got cookin' with THE LIMIT back at Vassar in the early '10s. He really enjoys drawing and directing.

New York acting highlights include; The Ginsberg Project (Alchemical Theater), Height of Success (Secret Theater), Ambrosia (Manhattan Rep), The Disastrous Tale of Vera and Linus (Kipuka Theater/Salem Art Works) and Drag/Stein (Target Margin/Bushwick Starr).

Let's get these Summer parties started, but don't forget to start planning your Halloween costume!

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