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Kate Koch



Kate Koch is an improviser in New York City, originally from St. Louis, Missouri. Her improv career began at age 5 when she took creative plot liberties as the titular female lead in her kindergarten performance of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. She resumed her improv journey in Fall 2011, when she took a Magnet Level One class along with fellow Megawatt performer(/goddess) Ali Fisher. Since then, she has studied under wonderful Magnet teachers such as Alex Marino, Russ Armstrong, Peter McNerney, Alan Fessenden, Louis Kornfeld, Megan Gray, and Nick Kanellis. She would like to give special thanks to her two longest-running indie teams, Homewreckers and Signature Scent, both of whom put up with innumerable scenes that started with Kate brushing her own hair and practices in her tiny studio apartment.

Other salient information is that Kate works in digital advertising sales, graduated from Emory University in Atlanta with a double major in Educational Studies and Sociology, has an overweight cat named Jackson towards whom she is indifferent, and credits much of her interest in comedy to her older brother, Spencer, who will hate this shoutout like any good INTJ.

Kate performs Wednesday nights with her Megawatt team Hardy and Fridays with The Friday Night Sh*w.

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