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Molly is a Brooklyn-based writer and performer who loves most flavors of ice cream. She currently writes for Magnet sketch team Student Council and can be seen improvising with her Megawatt team on Wednesday nights, or around NYC with indie teams PORM and Eaves. She has performed with Magnet Sketch TourCo, and her love for both therapy and food got her a role in Group Therapy: Food and Body. When not on stage, she files paperwork, fills out calendars and orders furniture for the staff of some of your favorite comedies on television.

Molly has studied sketch and improv under the brilliant guidance of Rick Andrews, Hannah Chase, Armando Diaz, Alan Fessenden, Jeff Hiller, Nick Kanellis, Louis Kornfeld, Peter McNerney, Jana Schmeiding, Chet Siegel and more.

If she had to pick one flavor, she’d go with cookie dough.

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