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Oscar Montoya

Staff, Performer


Oscar Montoya is an improviser and a hip-hop dancer originally from Palmira, Colombia. Oscar currently performs with house team “Local 154” every Wednesday night at the PIT. He also performs most Tuesday nights with his Musical Megawatt team “Aquarius” at the Magnet. When not at the PIT or the Magnet, Oscar can be seen performing all over New York City with musical-improv teams “Zamboni!” and “10£ Ally”, freestyle-rap improv team “North Coast”, and two-prov team with Julia Morales “OJ (In a Sippy Cup)”. When not improvising, Oscar is probably playing copious amounts of video games (Katamari Damacy, any and all RPGs), watching awesome B-horror movies (Basket Case, anyone?) or writing Power Rangers fan fiction. Oscar has been described as “crazy,” “sexy” and “cool,” but never in the same sentence. Until now, apparently.

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