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Quinton Loder

Theater Manager, Performer


Quinton's improv career began at the Topeka Civic Theatre in Topeka, Kansas where he performed short form for 9 years. Feeling the need for something a little different, he sold everything he owned and moved to New York City. While he only had a place to stay for a short time before he'd have to move back, his priority was improv. Within a couple of days of moving to NYC, he had signed up with the Second City Training Center and began taking advanced classes. (Then he hunted for work and living quarters). After a short run with Second City, he went to an equally short stint at UCB before jumping ship for a new theatre called The Magnet! Going through the gauntlet of classes here and performing with Toxic Shock and Baby In A Corner, Quinton has finally landed with The Boss. He is incredibly proud of what this team has accomplished, discovered and created. It's been a fantastic ride with amazing friends.

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