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Magnet Theater

Factory Factory


FACTORY FACTORY Two young lovers sneak into the boys locker room for a forbidden kiss. Morris, a retiring janitor, inadvisably tries out for the school play in the theater. The sound of a LOT of broken glass rings out from the parking lot. The roar of a yeti is heard coming from the direction of the gym. Tracers, an improv form developed in Chicago and brought to New York, allows the audience to see all of those locations over the same time period, and how they affect one another. When you fire a bullet into the next room, where does it go? With Tracers, the mystery is revealed. Come see for yourself in the form's debut at the Magnet Theater, by Factory Factory! FEATURING Jon Bander, Kevin Cragg, Karsten Cross, Luke Franklin, Megan Gray, Leslie Korein, Garrett Palm, and Morgan Phillips