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Magnet Theater

Skosh/Laser Fund Raiser


Skosh and Hello Laser are piling into a mini-bus and heading to South Carolina to represent the Magnet at the Charleston Comedy Festival. But how they gonna fill they gas tank? With a fund raiser! You think you've seen them perform before, but you've never seen them like this: begging shamelessly for donations. Hidden talents will be exposed! Grown men will be sold to the highest bidder! And that's just a glimpse of the sensational ends to which your favorite improvisers will go in order to pay their way down south. FEATURING: Marcy Jarreau in the kissing booth! George Basil for sale! Alex Marino in an impossible escape! and more! What is it worth to you to witness such an unprecedented spectacle? $10? $20? We can't tell you what you think it might be worth to have your very mind blown, so you tell us! (Though we do request a simple donation of no less than $5).