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Magnet Theater



Switchboard is a long-form improvised surprise. The cast of 3 women begins by creating a space object phone switchboard. The lights come up as they chatter away and connect people on the board. From this stylized opening they organically get a suggestion from the audience: a word in the English language. Then the lights come down and they begin. The form runs 25-30 minutes and is inspired by Chicago’s own FourSquare. It moves fluidly from one scene to the next without a break. Sometimes scenes and characters morph into new scenes and characters, other times the edit is more abrupt. All the scenes involve the skills these veteran improvisers have learned over the years. The shows can be very rhythmic and dance-like. They often improvise songs a capella. Some of the character work is stylized, some more emotion-based and serious. Other times it’s just plain old silly good times.