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Magnet Theater

The Ash Wednesday Reunion Show: This Time, It's For Charity


As the brainchild of improv trio Evel Cathedral (Rachel Korowitz, Stan Laikowski and Chris Schneider), the variety show Ash Wednesday ran for four years and showcased New York's most hilarious improv, stand-up, musical, and sketch comedy. Now, two years later, the show is back at the Magnet for one night only, and it's doing its best to kick cancer square in the teeth. Come on out to see old and new audience favorites, and enter to win glorious raffle prizes! All proceeds benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

Hosted by Rachel Korowitz, Stan Laikowski, and substitute Schneider Jeff Scherer.

Dave Hill!
Primal Bias Lite!
Dustin D'Addato!
Nick Turner!
Betsy Todd!
Michael Hartney, telling the story of Ash Wednesday's dangerous beginnings!

$20 admission
(includes raffle ticket for valuable prizes, with extra raffle tickets at $5 each)

Drinks afterward at a bar to be determined! Save the date and stay tuned for more information!