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Magnet Theater

The Bat and The Silent Harold Class Show


This 4-week workshop introduces students to two challenging and rewarding long-forms, The Bat and The Silent Harold. The Bat is a Harold performed completely in the dark. Without sight or physical action, improvisers create scenes and games entirely with their voices. The Bat inspires students to use language that is active, imaginative, and specific and to use vocal soundscapes to create rich, dynamic environments. The Silent Harold inverts The Bat, taking sounds and words out of the equation. In The Silent Harold, students will rely exclusively on physicality to create the scenes and games of the form, discovering the comedy that results from expressive physical behavior. These two forms will challenge improvisers to play with words and action in ways that will improve their improv skills and inspire their imaginations. Class concludes with 2 graduation performances. Prerequisite: Level 3 or equivalent experience.


  • image description Nathan Brown
  • image description Anne Clark
  • image description John de Guzman
  • image description Nicholas Feitel
  • image description Cris Fisher
  • image description Philipp Goedicke
  • image description Ilya Grilikhes
  • image description Jacob Gross
  • image description Nicole Hjelt
  • image description Benjamin Jones
  • image description Jeff Koleba
  • image description Kai Martin
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