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Magnet Theater

The Unbelievable Podcast LIVE: A Countdown to the End of the World


The world's number one (and only) conspiracy theory, paranormal comedy podcast: The Unbelievable Podcast will be doing a live recording at The Magnet Theater to commemorate the prophesied 2012 End of the World. The show, hosted by comedians Brian Frange, Charles Gould and Tim Dillon will feature special guests including noted 'coincidence theorist' Johnny T as well as an Interview with a REAL ALIEN to answer all of your questions about the end of the world and what it means for you. We will also be counting down the Top 10 Most Likely 2012 End of the World Theories and conducting everyone's third favorite segment 'Poll Results' LIVE!

Join the live audience for the recording and get prepared to know everything you need to know before the world ends in December 2012!

The Unbelievable Podcast