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Magnet Theater

Jana & Lauren Presents


Jana & Lauren Presents is a monthly character showcase hosted by Jana Schmieding and Lauren Olson. Each month they host a rotating line up of badass NYC comedic actors performing new original characters. Consistently weird, wonderful, full of surprises and a lot of laughs. This show is not to be missed.

With performances by:

Jana Schmieding (Armando Diaz Experience, Big Fat Liars - Magnet Theater)

Lauren Olson (Going Ape - Nat Geo TV; Genus, Chet Watkins - Magnet Theater)

Christian Paluck (Late Night with Conan O’Brien - NBC)

Frank Hejl (Asssscat, Onassis, Bucky – UCB)

Rob Cuthill (Quick Draw – Hulu original series)

Jamaal Sedayao (Jamaal Sedayao: Born to Karaoke, The Misses – The Magnet)

Brigid Boyle (The Baldwins, Totally Yes! – The PIT)

Kelly Buttermore (Genus, Horses – Magnet Theater)

Emily Shapiro (Emily Is A Character, The Wrath – Magnet Theater)

Bryan Berlin (Southie Rules – A&E)