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Magnet Theater

The Director Series: This Is Your Life


Have you ever had your heart broken? Told off a boss in a fun way? Found a body while out walking with your siblings? Drove cross country to stop a wedding? Ever wanted to talk about it onstage with eight of the strongest improvisers in New York City?

Well now is your chance, jabronis! Bring a story to the Magnet Theater, Thursdays at nine in January! Share it with eight of the Finest Improvmen America has to offer as they do one of the most thrilling forms in improv: The Interview! They will be doing scenes inspired by your life. This is your life! Watch us poke it apart and make sport of you!

Featuring: Sweetheart of America, Jesse Acini First Soldier of America, Lauren Ashley Smith Absorbed Twin of America, Kati Skelton Neck of America, Christopher Hastings "Tooth Collector" of America?, Chrissie Gruebel Beck of England, Sam Rogal Bathroom of America, Tim Platt And introducing Rachel Wenitsky as Baby Gordon!

Directed by the impossibly elegant and illegally handsome Branson Reese!

Do not miss this, you idiot!