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Magnet Theater

Dr. Oddbody's Phantasmagorium


Step inside - if you dare! In Dr. Oddbody’s Phantasmagorium you will bear witness to a cavalcade of strange people, bone-chilling stories and bizarre powers from beyond The Fourth Wall. Short plays in the grand guignol tradition, a sideshow marvel, crazy solo acts, and maybe even a human sacrifice. Do you dare open your eyes during the brutal final act? – FEATURING: Vonia Arslanian, Shamika Cotton, Kassi Dougherty with"Aunt-Poody-Bear's Magic Tea-Shoppe" Sabrina Farhi, Bernhard Forcher, Alex Marino, Jeff Sherer, Dan Truman and Adam Nowak as Dr. Oddbody Musical Accompaniment by Ernest Privetera Directed by Adam Nowak and Amy Dickenson