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An amazing improviser and sketch writer, who has taken nearly every class at the magnet theater. Pat May is a Story Pirate and the founder and fan of the Rolling Scones sketch team. They perform roughly once a month. He’s also in an improv duo called “The Eye of Tigh”, with loser Sam Rogal. But he don’t worry about him. This is about me, I mean Pat.

Want to see Pat perform? Wednesday nights he’s at megawatt with his team, Dawson and Friday nights he’s with his amazing Queen’s Secret Improv Club team, Talon. Want to bother Pat when he’s too busy to talk to you? Go to the training center on Saturday nights, and he’ll tell you to keep it down because class shows are happening. Because he’s a house manager there. Hahahah HAHAHAHAHA! He’d tell you more, but why don’t you just ask him in person. He’s kind of cool like that. Kissies. Also type Pat May into youtube and twitter and see what happens!!!

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