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Magnet Theater

Chet Watkins


Magnet Theater\'s Chet Watkins. In March of 2009 a gaggle of performers were born. Some died, some wandered off into the woods, others went to work in the private sector. Those that remained grew strong by feeding on the nectar of specific choices and the gruel of strong character work. The not quite two year old terror that exists today is akin to watching a Tsunami of hair and teeth attack a baby Blue Whale and destroy it with the will of a thousand hungry Burnese Mountain Dogs. What does it all mean? We don\'t know. We all just took a creative writing course at the Learning Annex and we\'re trying to make good use of it. Come make your own assessment every Friday at 8 pm at the Magnet Theater and you can write your own descriptive verse on who or what we are.

Chet Watkins

2 Year Anniversary Show!