The Executives: CATCHPHRASE

The Executives: CATCHPHRASE

About the Show

The Executives return for their fifth season with CATCHPHRASE, a show that changes each week, based on input from YOU. At the top of every show, The Execs will ask the audience for actor catchphrases which will then be inserted into sketches throughout the show. Don't miss your chance to pitch in The Execs writers room and see your contributions on stage!

The Executives are business in the front, party literally everywhere else, even the front. Their physical, thoughtful, follow-the-fun comedic energy celebrates genre bending, the zeitgeist, body slamming and sometimes bodily functions. The Executives hope to bring you original sketch comedy that will eventually get you sent to the same white collar prison Martha Stewart went to.

Work from members of The Executives has been featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Huffington Post Comedy, Funny Or Die, Reductress, Jezebel, Newsweek, VH1, Travel Channel, A&E, Broad City, Master of None, and As a team, The Executives have performed at SF SketchFest, Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, Montreal SketchFest, Austin SketchFest, and, this November, Hell Yes Fest. We'll have our people call your people.

Directed by Kevin Cobbs.